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Halter Marine and Offshore offers a full range of services for all offshore projects to include engineering, procurement, planning, prefabrication, and all craft disciplines for offshore work. Our crews are experienced in the safety requirements for offshore projects and our safety management systems bridge with our customers’ requirements. We send crews to all parts of the world for leg up and repairs, high pressure / high temperature piping modifications, structural upgrades and repairs, accommodations upgrades, and virtually scope of work that is possible to accomplish offshore.

Laser Scanning

Our service teams are equipped to travel to off-site locations with our Fero laser scanning equipment. Laser scanning affords many benefits such as:

  • Precision data collection
  • Instant point and click measurements
  • 3D models created for accurate as-built configuration
  • Model can easily generate precise equipment, structural, mechanical and electrical detail

Deep Draft Rig Solutions

We utilize designated deep water Gulf of Mexico site to accommodate offshore work for rigs / vessels during out of service periods which cannot come to the shipyard (due typically to draft restrictions for vessels with fixed thrusters). We can provide a full service solution with a fully integrated master execution plan.

  • Location: Viosca Knoll 248
  • Distance from VT Marine: 38 miles
  • Water depth: 120 ft (36.6m) – minimal slope
  • Sea conditions: clear water, minimal current & wave impact with no loop currents

Typical services at this site include:

  • Thruster removals and overhauling
  • Various contract specific upgrades to piping and electrical systems
  • UWILD services and hull cleaning
  • Derrick work
  • Managed Pressure Drilling Upgrades

Offshore Traveling Teams

  • Offshore Fabrication and Installation while vessel remains in operation
  • Offshore multi-crafted traveling teams with worldwide reach and supervision
    • Rope access
    • Welders
    • Fitters
    • Painters
    • Scaffold builders
    • Electricians
    • Offshore Leg repair and replacement
    • Engineering Support
    • Offshore Managed Pressure Drilling installation